About The Writter

Ferdinand Geoffrey is an American science scholar and researcher.He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Computer Science and Psychology and he is most interested in how the computers softwares are helping to change human lives and existence. Geoffrey grew up in Mississippi and he loves to teach young black children about programming. He sees this as a way to curb the menace of having them become street drug pushers and criminals. Geoffrey believes that the greatest gift you can offer a child is a sound education, "not just any kind of education, but the kind that allows the child to better the world and turn his or her life around." To this effect, he runs a school where he teaches young black programmers how to design video games. Geoffrey is currently involved in a project titled Operation Educate Africa (a non governmental and charity organization) which is dedicated to donating funds to help reduce the illiteracy level in Africa. The funds from this organization are to be used to build schools and equip libraries in various educational institutions within Africa. Geoffrey is also a doting husband with three kids. This is Geoffrey's first essay on this platform, more are still to come. You can reach Geoffrey at ferdinandjeff@yahoo.com.