Effects of Video Games on the Brain

The debate on whether video games are good for the brain has been going on for over a period of thirty years now.The spate of criticism that has trailed video games are almost the same as that received by the novel, television, and (strange enough) rock and roll when they first came into being and were becoming popular

Many have come backing their criticism citing negative effects such as increased aggression, addiction, and numerous health conditions like repetitive strain injuries and obesity.These negative media coverage or criticism tend to get into the media than the positive aspects of these things and there are many positive aspects too!

Coming down to video games, articles and essays mentioning the negative repercussions of playing video games (like the addiction issue for instance) get more accolades than any authentic research which examines the positive aspect, both sides of the coin, or look into the social advantages of playing online role playing games for instance.

It is as if the human world is programmed to listen more to the tragedies of life than its comedy haha!Despite the lack of attention received by essays and articles related to the positive aspects of playing video games, there exist copious articles and essays that prove that videos games often have therapeutic and educational functions.In fact, various researches have revealed to us how the playing of video games help to improve hand to eye coordination and body reaction to both internal and external stimuli.An example is that research has been able to prove that spatial visualization capacity, like the capacity to rotate and manipulate 2D and 3D objects mentally can be improved via the playing of video games.An addendum to the many available studies on the positive results of playing video games is also the study done by Vikranth Bejjanki et al in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Their essay joins in the already existing body of works demonstrating improved performance in attention, cognition, and perception as a result of playing action video games.When different experiments were carried out on a few number of game players (ages are ten to fourteen in each research), the researchers found out that gamers who have experience of playing action video games before performed far better at repeated tasks like pattern discrimination compared to gamers who have lesser or no experience at all.

Gamers with little knowledge or experience of playing action games were trained and allotted fifty hours of practice.It was discovered that these games displayed better skills at solving perpetual tasks compared to what their performance was like before they were trained.The conclusion of their research are as follows:Action video games act as a core mechanism in enhancing performance in perception, cognition, and attention.There exist various qualities that make video games very useful and I have pointed this out in some of my other articles on video games.

Video games, for instance, can be useful in an educational context.That means that it is easier to get the undivided attention of a pupil for a longer of time.As a result of the excitement they provide, video games can also serve as a more attractive way of learning compared to traditional methods.Video games have that peculiar appeal which goes beyond age, ethnicity, gender, and educational attainments.Video games can be employed to help set goals and practice how to achieve these goals.

They can also be used to obtain feedback, reinforce points, get self-esteem, and keep records of any behavioral changes.The interactivity commonly found on video games can enhance learning.This would let the gamers experience a feeling of curiosity, novelty, and challenging and out of the world activities (simulated operations and flight simulation for instance).Given their ability to engage people who play them, video games can also be used for therapeutic purposes.


They can be employed as a form of physiotherapy and in many other innovative contextsVarious studies and research have explained that children who play video games after chemotherapy usually need lesser quantity of painkillers compared to those that do not play video games.

Aside their entertainment value, video games also have great educational advantage.Games that are designed to teach a specific skill or address a particular problem have been quite successful.

This would be because they are engaging, interactive, motivating and offer reinforcement and rewards that edge the player towards becoming better at performing the assigned tasks.However, the ability to transfer skills learnt from playing video games to actual life situations should is very important for all game players.

While there have been quite a few evidence of serious acute adverse effects on moderate players, it has been observed that those who feel the negative impacts are mostly those that play video games in an excessive manner.

So, video games have much more positive values than the negatives. There is a lot of things you can benefit from playing video games so we implore you to try one of these games and prove us right: or wrong (which of course is very unlikely).

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